AYAHUASCA EXPERIENCE WITHOUT DRUGS || Anniversary Vlog at Mind-Blowing Immersive Exhibit, WISDOME LA

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We had the most mind-blowing experience in downtown LA last weekend, visiting the immersive, psychedelic art park called the Wisdome! We explored the whole art exhibit through a series of interactive domes, plus stayed for an unreal Akashic Soundbath. Using sounds, visualizations, pranayama, and mantras...the experience was out of this world, and out of this body! This experience has been compared to an Ayahuasca trip, without taking the plant/drug. Dridha and I are so grateful to have made such sacred spiritual memories with our beloved siblings for the celebration of our 2 year wedding anniversary :) PS, we stayed at the Wisdome for hours, so much of our deepest experiences happened off camera!

You can visit the Wisdome in the Arts District of Downtown LA, they are always having such cool weekend events! https://wisdome.la ——————————————————————————————- If my videos are helping you, you can share the love back and help support me at http://patreon.com/kundaliniyogini (also for exclusive videos and personal sessions! ^)

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Nithyanandam in gratitude, Prasiddha

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