Are Wealth and Spirituality Mutually Exclusive? Money, Morals, and Misconceptions

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Why is it so ingrained in our minds that spirituality and money are opposites, that they cannot coexist authentically?

Society has established a stark divide between spirituality/religion/divinity and money/wealth/work. This duality is so damaging and inaccurate to how reality actually functions. But, even spiritual people themselves struggle to feel good and complete with wealth and receiving money. Through morals we are told that spiritual work or practices should be distinctly separate from generating wealth.

My whole cognition shifted on this when reading a book by Sri Aurobindo called "The Mother". The Divine Feminine has 4 main forms in Hinduism: Saraswati, Lakshmi, Maheshwari, and Kali. The aspect of Lakshmi is that of wealth and abundance, and in this section of the book Aurobindo writes it is actually our duty as conscious beings to take back wealth from the unconscious forces who have dominated the world for so long.

Money is only what we make it, so let us--as conscious beings--take it back to further the growth of human consciousness and create the world we want to live in! Where we put our money is where we put our vote, so lets vote for things we believe in.

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