Seinfeld - My Boys Can Swim (HD)

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George finds out he's a father on Seinfeld. Season 3 Episode 16 The Fix-Up.

Every copy on YouTube looked like it was filmed on a cereal box so I uploaded a HD copy for my own announcement.

Plot George says that he would never sink to fix-ups, and so resists the efforts of Jerry and Elaine to set him up with Elaine's friend Cynthia. George and Cynthia hit it off and have sex in George's kitchen, but he is horrified to discover that Kramer has given him a defective condom after the latter's friend works at a condom factory and gave him "a gross." A few days later, Cynthia says she has missed her period. George is overjoyed to find out that he is able to get a woman pregnant, and promises to help Cynthia anyway he can. She ultimately gets her period, however.

The end of the episode sees George, Elaine, Jerry and Cynthia sitting down for dinner at a restaurant, and Cynthia seems disgusted by George's poor table manners. ...

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