Indian Scout 0 to 60...? WOW!

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Alright, this was REAL amateur hour since I just randomly decided to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, GPS doesn't give you an exact read under hard acceleration, so I had stick to the camera frame by frame on when the needle would hit 60 (which is accurate to GPS.)

That said, this was with the stock airbox and a tune to make the RPW 2-1 Brave pipe run right since it's essentially a big ol' noise maker right now.

I'll make a followup vid once I've gotten an upgraded intake and new tune.

So out of all six runs:

Fastest: 5:42 Seconds Slowest: 6:38 Seconds Average: 6:06 Seconds

Not terrible! I'll get these down once I'm more comfortable starting higher in the revs and not shifting to 3rd like a dummy since the Scout makes its power up top.

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