Voice Of The Pulsar Series 2 2016 Release 1 Demo

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Sound healing via Tonality videos should be used with caution if you have epilepsy, are pregnant, or are being treated for any mental health-related condition. If in doubt, consult your health professional.

This is a demo of the most recent HypnoticGalaxyRider StarTrance Production. I do believe the edges of the mirrors are making some sounds as they slip past....do you see/hear that too? Find the full version of this video, which is a feature-length production, at:


Tone frequencies used in this StarTrance listed below. StarTrance Audios use Tone Stacks, rather than Binaural Beats. There are no "standard results" to be stated, as this is a completely experimental Tone format.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3XkTfSn7nA

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