Sleep Hypnosis -- MindBubble (Hypnotic Induction Only)

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Also, please comment if you like this and would like me to use this visual sequence, used to date only for the Fractal Galaxy Suites series, for other hypnosis videos.

So many have enquired after my health since I had major oral surgery, and are awaiting my return to posting hypnosis videos; my deepest thanks for your patience. Though I've not yet obtained the needed restorations, I've recorded one file for your evaluation of my current enunciation ability.

This video should ONLY be used at night, and to obtain a restful sleep. It is a hypnotic induction in the indirect conversational modality; but ONLY an induction; no utilization and no awakening sequence. I will script a utilization for this later, and re-record the whole sequence as a full hypnosis session. There are no titles or credits in order to keep both the video resolution and the hypnotic experience undisturbed.

Visuals are from the Plane9 Visualizer created by Joakim Dahl; find Plane9 at:


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