Shugabush Island Song Extended Loop Mix (Lynne's Happy Trance Loop)

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I just had to try it! (Best heard with headphones)

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The Shugabush Island song seems to be the perennial favourite of most My Singing Monsters players. The one problem with not only this, but every island song in MSM is that you can never hear it for long enough. Stay inactive to listen for too long and the game logs you out; presumably to save your bandwidth.

I'm not playing from a mobile unit, but from a desktop PC. I've found that the Shugabush Island song will lift me out of the most foul mood imaginable; so I thought, what if I could extend it? Could I actually make a seamless loop which would play for longer? Well I have managed it quite handily. Here is a fully mastered, 22:01 loop of the Shugabush Island song with all of the monsters I currently have on the island in participation.

Shugafam core band consisting of the following monsters: Shugabush; Shugabass; Shugajo; Shugarock; Shugabuzz; Shugabeats (My Shuguitar is still over a day from breeding completion and entry to incubator), and Shugavox.


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