Hypnotic Soundscapes -- Schumann Space

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Headphones Required! Please read entire description before listening. Brainwave Entrainment products should not be used without medical supervision if you are subject to Epileptic Seizures. Persons under mental health care should consult their care provider before using. Use with caution during pregnancy.

This video is not meant to substitute for licensed healthcare, nor is it meant to either diagnose or cure any medical condition.

Have a listen to the newest experiment in Brainwave Entrainment; music based on a Tone Stack of Mathematical Symbiote Frequencies with the Schumann Resonance (7.83 Hz) as the base, and with the actual tone stack included as a layer of the mix. To reveal more at this stage would be to lose early advantage; research is ongoing.

PM the channel owner to find out what a Mathematical Symbiote means in the sense of the video description.

-~--~-~~-~- Please watch: "Musical Hypnosis - Bowl And Gong Sound Bath" ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhwbHAd34lk

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