Hypnotic Soundscapes - Polaris Suite Excerpt

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Please read entire description! This is my latest composition project using Intermorphic's Noatikl Generative Music software; found at:


Please use headphones for best enjoyment. This soundscape was harder than usual to match to the correct VSTIs; but when I found the right combination, and heard the result unfolding, it reminded me so much of "Star Music" that there could only be one name for it, "Polaris Suite". Instead of recording the direct output of the Partikl music render engine, Noatikl's MIDI File "Cooker" was used to generate a MIDI file of the projected output for loading into a DAW and mating with Virtual Studio Instruments. VSTI used: Hollow Sun's K4 Buddhist on two different presets: Singing Bowl and Floating Bowl.

This is only a 1 hour 1 minute and 13 second excerpt of the full Polaris Suite. The full track may be obtained by becoming a patron of this channel through the Patreon page found at:

https://www.patreon.com/HypnosystemsUK ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWzP6uLq3gg

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