Hypnotic Soundscapes - Fall's (Autumn's) Finale

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A fractal music composition by Jocelyn L. Jensen; composed using Aural Fractals by Ramiro Carlos Nash. I, Jocelyn L. Jensen am to date, the only known holder of a commercial usage license for this composition software.

Twin Flute presets from Camel Audio's final release of the Alchemy Software Synth before this asset's sale to Apple for future incorporation into its Logic Pro DAW, are applied to the MIDI which resulted from the Aural composition run.

Pattering raindrops hitting forest leaves, slightly distorted birdsong, and wind chimes combine with two separate flute choruses to create an entrancing soundscape. Recording and mixing date: 21/10/2018.

Video component is a transparency-layered composite of fire reflections within a pair of bubbles (one within another), combined with a rotating crystal formation. Source stock clips licensed from Pond 5. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKZ6m36hUok

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