Hybrid Hypnotic Soundscapes -- Percussive Dronescape

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HEADPHONES REQUIRED; please read entire description!

This is my first "Hybrid" Soundscape combining both Binaural derived and Fractal derived elements. The Taiko drum tracks (2) were created with an AURAL Fractal-created Midi File, while the two drone tracks are Binaural Beat based.

The drum tracks are offset to left and right channels by 39% for each track, so the drums may seem to be jumping from ear to ear.

I find this audio very time-distorting; see if you don't get lost in it too!

-~--~-~~-~- Please watch: "Musical Hypnosis - Bowl And Gong Sound Bath" ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9dLq9WVUwtQ

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