Fractal Hybrid Soundscapes -- Cellular Automata Fractal Music

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Headphones required for best experience! Note: Contains Binaural Beat of 1 Hz (Delta Range); may cause either drowsiness or trance.

Disclaimer: Anyone who has been healthcare-advised to avoid Binaural Beats should not view this video.

Chaos Theory meets Musical Atonality in this fractal mix based on the Cellular Automata set. A MIDI file generated by the Aural Fractal Music Generator was run through several different Virtual Studio Instruments, and the resulting tracks mixed with a Delta range Binaural Beat comprised of the frequencies 22 Hz and 23 Hz. Though atonal and somewhat dissonant in track nature, the three work well together, and the Binaural cannot actually be perceived by the listening ear, but does have it's effect on the brainwaves of the listener.

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