Fantastic Hypnotic Inner Voyages -- Binaural Beat Mind Massage -- Fun-D'MentalS (Full Version)

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Please watch: "Beyond Feature Length Hypnotic Soundscapes - Dual Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Symphony" -~--~-~~-~-

HEADPHONES REQUIRED -- And apologies for any Post-Processing Audio Artifacts caused by YouTube! If you have Very Low Frequency Preception issues, please find another, higher toned Binaural Beat Video to view, rather than place negative comments here. From this date (June 10th, 2014), all attempts to either say the video has no sound or is a fake will NOT be approved and commentary to ALL HSUK videos is fully moderated.

Also, be not afraid to pause this long video to allow it to buffer completely; this will give the viewer a better, uninterrupted experience.


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