Crystal Moondreaming

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Welcome to a Dimension where Crystals dwell amongst the Stars and Galaxies...Come and do a little "Crystal Moondreaming" with me!

Sorry I've been away for so long fans; and Happy Easter! I've been dealing with medical issues off and on since last year; and today is the final diagnostic procedure for a while, I hope.

The two commercially licensed sock clips composited here were made for each other; their creators simply didn't know it! Taking these, along with a custom Space Themed Soundscape of my own composition (with a little assistance from the now-retired Noatikl Generative Composition Suite), recording, mixing and mastering creates a near-perfect mix for an Extraterrestrial sound-journey.

Music in this video: "Dance Of The Galaxies" -- Composed using Noatikl by Jocelyn Jensen. Istrumentation -- Naitve Instruments Kontakt - various customized instruments; including "Supercluster" by 8Dio, and "Sounds Of The Universe (SOTU)" by the late Hollow Sun.

Commercially Licensed Bases for Video Compositing:


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