3 over 4 Polyrhythm Drumming - Practice routine #1

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As I recently started gravitating more towards the progressive metal genre and, being part of a progressive metal band, I had the need to find a system which would enable me to play proficiently more intricate bass drum patterns and that would serve as a foundation helping me to be more creative and build a richer drumming vocabulary. I came up with this 'pyramid' exercise of 3 over 4 polyrhythms that I've incorporated in my practice sessions.

I am playing one kick note on every group of three 16th notes on top of a 4/4 groove, later developing into playing two 16th kick notes (from groupings of three 16th) on top of the 4/4 groove, until it resolves. Gradually I will add the same principle to the stack ( I start by playing all the 8th notes in the 4/4 groove, then playing one 8th note every three 8th notes (groups of three 8th notes), and finally one 16th note every thee 16th (groups of three 16th notes). Later I play two 16th notes of every three 16th note groups on the floor tom. When I get to play the china cymbal, I flip the note groupings in between the china and the snare.

I use a foot technique on witch I alternate the notes between my 2 feet, playing the down beats with my right foot, and the upbeats with the left foot. I use this principle in many of the patterns that I play with my band (FLIGHT OF EDEN)....many times I have to lead with my left foot so, this exercise helped me a lot to develop my left lead.

I based this 'pyramid' on the concepts and techniques I've learned from Sikth`s drummer Dan Foord on modern progressive metal. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_InLU_IjOk

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