A first look at: Star Citizen 3.6.1

Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

We take a first look at Star Citizen and a couple of the ships in the game. For a game that is well known for being questioned if it will ever be released due to it being still in early Alpha stage and long past several promised release dates the game can be hit and miss for all but the most faithful fans whom will take your leg off if you dare utter anything even slightly negative...trust me, I asked if the game always kicked players out just as they were about to complete a mission/contract and why we cannot travel to another system yet something promised in 2015 and I incured the wrath of one player trying very hard to tell me that it is not easy to develop the mechanics to travel from one system to another; I bit my tongue just thinking of the many other space sims I have played that handle this "mechanic" quite well...but anyway, watch and enjoy a near bug free experience of Star Citizen.

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