REMNANT: FROM THE ASHES - Ixillis XV & Ixillis XVI (Solo Boss Fight)

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This is my fight against Ixillis XV & Ixillis VVI in Remnant: From the Ashes. This video was my seventh attempt to beat them. I died each time and kept mixing up builds to find that one that would work better for me. Since it's very hard not to take a lot of damage, I went with something that capitalized on that. Key items I had to help were:

  • Galenic Charm to get more mod power when taking damage
  • Void Armor to get more damage output when taking damage
  • Iron Sentinel mod (every time mod power was up, deploy a sentinel)

I put the Iron Sentinel mod on the Beam weapon as that was the weapon I intended to use the most, swapping out to a secondary only if necessary (ie. need to shoot and don't have time to reload).

This combination did the trick. Tough fight though!

NOTE: Don't use the Turrets if you want to get the alternate kill method, which is to kill both at the same time or near the same time. Doing so awards the "Guardian Tentacle" which is needed to craft the Guardian Axe. I'll have to get that on the next run through as I didn't know about it during this fight. ...

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