REMNANT: FROM THE ASHES - Catalyst Trait (Where To Get It)

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The "Catalyst Trait" in Remnant: From the Ashes increases the chance to proc a status effect or critical hit when hitting an enemy. It is a reward for killing either "Canker" or "The Thrall" bosses on Corsus. This video shows Canker.

Note that world rolls in Remnant vary from player to player. The location of dungeon entrances and items in them, as well as which boss you will face, are unique to each player. Depending on your world roll you will have to find the location of the boss yourself. But to narrow it down, in both cases you want to find a dungeon entrance and proceed through it to where you need to be:

CANKER will be found in the "Mire Hollow" dungeon. Get there via "The Elf Queen" travel point area.

THE THRALL will be found in the "Musk Forge". Get there via dungeon from "The Mist Fen" travel point area.

This is just a guide only. Remnant has random world rolls, so it could flip this over. ...

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