GENESIS ALPHA ONE - Let's Play Episode 11

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In Team 17's Genesis Alpha One you play the Captain of a Genesis starship that you must build, maintain and defend as you explore a procedurally generated galaxy filled with a variety of aliens that want nothing better than to stop you from achieving your objective, which is to find a new home to colonize to save humanity's DNA from extinction. The game is described as roguelike, ship building, FPS, galactic exploration, resource management and survival game.

This let's play and walkthrough series is performed on an i7/6700 Geforce 1080ti PC at max specs, but the game runs perfectly on a PC with much much lower specs than that.

My thoughts on the game? I love it. There's a lot to learn and the start is slow burn, but I really love it so far. It really started to heat up in this episode ... I mean, it became quite stressful because you know if you screw up, it's game over and there's no restart!

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Any questions about the game, fire away in the comments. Also, feel free to share info on how to play if you can see I'm stumbling and don't know what I'm doing lol! ...

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