DARKSIDERS III - Avarice Boss Fight | No Damage | Apocalyptic Difficulty

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Defeating Avarice, the fourth boss in Darksiders III on Apocalyptic Mode without taking any damage.

This boss fight was trickier than I expected. The final video looks easy, but it took a while before I worked out how to no damage him. You'll notice the first cut scene has me with the lightning stasis, but then the fight is all with fire. The reason for that is I quickly learned lightning isn't the best against Avarice. It does less damage, but most of all when you do a stasis attack it leaves you next to him. Avarice can do sudden quick swipes both with his hands and with objects, some of which are hard to spot the timing on if you're right up in his face. You can dodge them if your timing is on point, but in Apocalyptic mode you have to really be on point or he has a good chance of getting a hit in. For the first 2/3 of the fight it's not a big deal as his swipes are usually telegraphed well, but the last 1/3 becomes a lot harder when he picks up the fridge. Not so with fire. With the fire hollow your attack back-flips you to safety, which helps to get you out of range of his potential fast rush and swipe attacks with the fridge.

Is Darksiders fun overall? When the game was first released it had a few issues that made combat unforgiving in harder modes, but they have since been fixed with patches. And while the combat isn't super complicated, the game is now in a very good state and I find it a lot of fun to play. To be honest, I really love this game.

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