ASHEN - The Matriach's Seat Dungeon Shortcut Guide | Amiren Dungeon | A Listener's Heart Quest

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I put this guide together to help people who are struggling with the dungeon that leads to Amiren, the 3rd boss in Ashen (the dungeon you have to traverse to complete the quest "A Listener's Heart").

In this video I'll show the entire path from the beginning dungeon checkpoint called "The Matriach's Seat", to the end one that is right before the boss. Hope it helps you!

The actual shortcut starts at 3:07 if you want to just jump straight to it. Have fun!

TIP #1 - Make sure you have your weapon as upgraded as possible. Both weapons I'm using in this have been upgraded to Ash infused level (the level after forged). I'm not wearing any special armor at all. ...

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