ASHEN - Item Location Guide Part 08 - Featherlands Part B

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This is Part B of the eighth part in a series of videos showing locations for items in Ashen by region, with this one focusing on the Featherlands region. This video includes items along part of the Cracked Path, the Bronzed Mire, Highland Demense, Mother's Tears and Khal Estate. There are a lot of items in the Featherlands though, so the items not picked up in this video will be included in subsequent parts. A list of the parts and links to those videos are below.

This part of the Featherlands follows on from the end of Part 08 - Featherlands Part A, and can also be followed from start to finish seamlessly like a walkthrough.

Time stamps (counting from the end of Part A):

  1. SAPIENT MOSS - 00:25
  2. SAPIENT MOSS - 01:24
  3. SAPIENT ROOT - 02:19
  4. SPEAR HEAD - 03:05 ...
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