ASHEN - Item Location Guide Part 08 - Featherlands Part A

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This is eight part in a series of videos showing locations for items in Ashen by region, with this one focusing on the Featherlands region. This video includes a portion of the items along part of the Cracked Path, the Bronzed Mire and Highland Demense. There are a lot of items in the Featherlands though, so the items not picked up in this video will be included in subsequent parts. A list of the parts and links to those videos are below.

This part of the Featherlands follows on from the end of Part 07 - Twisted Canyon, and can also be followed from start to finish seamlessly like a walkthrough.

Time stamps:

  1. SAPIENT ROOT - 00:30
  2. SAPIENT MOSS - 01:02
  3. SAPIENT MOSS - 01:34
  4. SAPIENT ROOT - 02:04 ...
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