ASHEN - Item Location Guide Part 04 - Seat of the Matriarch Dungeon Part A - Slow Walkthrough

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

This video started out as me deciding to slowly explore and look around the extremely awesome "SEAT OF THE MATRIARCH" Dungeon in Ashen. In the end, I found 20 items and decided to post it as an item guide to help others. It's a long vid though, due to slow exploration. I didn't want to edit it for those who want to just see me looking around for items. For those that don't, I've included time-stamps to help you quickly jump to the items. Enjoy!

Time stamps:

  1. Forgone Axe - 00:36
  2. Sapient Moss - 03:20
  3. Sapient Moss - 04:43
  4. Large Scoria Stash (10,000 scoria) / Entry to shortcut location - 05:34
  5. Sapient Moss - 06:22
  6. White Ashen Feather (+2 max stamina) - 07:48 ...
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