ASHEN - Item Location Guide Part 02 - Foothills Part B

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

This video is an extra part to my Ashen Foothills region item location guide. This one includes 6 items I missed in the original video, one being a shield, one being a weapon, and another being ashen feathers, so these are some good items!

Time stamps:

  1. BLACK ASHEN FEATHER (+2 max health) - 00:22
  2. WHITE ASHEN FEATHER (+2 max stamina) - 01:26 (I'm not sure if you can both item 54 and 55. As in, if you get item 54, item 55 might not appear later in the game. I didn't get item 54 and item 55 was there for me. Note that the feather color changes and if you don't get item 54 early game you can't get it late game, so it might just change into item 55. I can't say for sure yet.)
  3. SMALL SCORIA STASH (250 scoria) - 02:24
  4. LARGE SCORIA STASH (10,000 scoria) - 03:09
  5. BROKEN STONE AXE - 04:39 ...
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