ANTHEM - VIP Demo Login Screen Music

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Just a minute and a half of the Anthem VIP demo login screen music.

The Anthem VIP Demo starts January 25th - 26th and ends January 27th - 28th. Pre-downloads are open already and you can run the demo to at least hear the login screen music. It loops after about a minute and half, but I thought you guys might like to hear it.

You can participate in the VIP demo if you pre-order, or if you have an EA or Origin Access account. If you're on PC, Origin offers pretty good value for money in my opinion (a yearly membership is the same price as buying Anthem's Legion of Dawn pre-order edition, but you also get access to all the other games on the Origin service as well as any new games that get added over the course of the year).

There's a whole Reddit page dedicated to the demo details here: ...

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