Trail Hike Roaring Branch to Stone Mountain

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We set out to try and reach some cliff overlooks on the Stone Mountain trail beginning in Appalachia Virginia. I had never hiked this section of the trail and we assumed it would eventually lead us to the ridge line and come out at the cliffs. Roaring branch trail starts you in a valley and after a couple miles you'll finally be on top of the mountain but the trail continues on for another 11 miles coming out at Cave Springs in Lee County Virginia.

This trail is rated from Moderate to Difficulty, right off the bat it's an uphill ascent with multiple stream crossings we counted no less than 4 but once on top it becomes relatively flat course with a few minor hills. This trail has some of the oldest growth with trees towering nearly 100ft and the oldest hemlocks in the region.

Recorded on Go Pro Hero 5 black and occasional cell footage.

Doug Wynn and Will Bouton ...

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