Pine Mountain Trail Thu Hike - Birch Knob to Breaks Interstate Park 15 miles

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I finally get a chance to thru hike this section of the Pine Mountain Trail. Originally we had planned on camping somewhere along the mountain about the half-way point but we ran out of water quick and the only water sources seemed to be further out on the trail so we pushed on. We ended up finishing the entire trail in a single day we approximated at 15 miles, the last section of the trail near Elkhorn City is unfinished and the distances seemed to be off.We completed the entire 15 mile section of the PMT in about 9 hours.

This trail is not an easy one and its considered moderate to difficult( this trail is no joke), the uphill legs will wear you out if you are not in semi-decent shape and they seem to go on forever. People ride this section on horseback so that tells you something about the difficulty of it. This is the most scenic section of the entire trail though much more so than the Highlands section with numerous vantage points along the edge and i must say the overlooks made it worth the all the hardwork we put out. But i gotta warn you, it is TOUGH.

I have to give a shoutout and thanks to my buddy James Dayton Wampler for saving our ass at 1am in the morning and coming to Ky. Some unfortunate events involving rednecks and beer at Pike County forced us to pack up and cut our trip short. No hard feelings though we were just trying to rest and I'm sure those guys just wanted to have a good time, not much else to do over in those parts. Wamp man me and Doug owe you one. Thanks dude!.

I must say though, Eastern Kentucky sure has some pretty gals so it ain't all bad in eastern Kentucky lol.


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