The Greatest Secret // Episode 2: Avalon (pt. 1)

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EPISODE 2: AVALON (part 1) // Avalon is the sacred island spoken of in Arthurian legend and Celtic mythology. It is related to apples, King Arthur, fairies, the Holy Grail, the Otherworld "Annwyn", and more. In this episode, PART ONE, we explore the stories, descriptions, connections, and possible locations of Avalon--the most occulted of all of the British mysteries.

**Please watch Episode 1 first to fully grasp all the concepts laid out here.

In "The Greatest Secret" we explore various mythologies of ancient paradisal lands and connect them with the Gnosis of the turn of the ages: From the Dark Ages to the imminent Golden Age. From city to city we explore the relation between the myths, wisdom that is just being re-discovered, and the synchronistic allegories of the final chapters of the Kali Yuga.

This series is designed to instill the watcher with visual, audial, and spoken clues with feelings of is an interactive unraveling of exoteric and esoteric knowledge. Enjoy!


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