Free FL Studio - Last Touched Toolbar (how to use exe out of the box, and autohotkey source code explained)

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

Free FL Studio Last Touched Toolbar created in autohotkey (exe and source available) It comes in 5 versions 4 that pop up around your mouse using a hotkey, and one that has a taskbar icon.

It all works out of the box but you could edit the source code to taste.

The hotkey exe versions open with AppsKey, LWin, RWin or Alt Gr a hotkey you could change by altering the source code, notes on how to do that are included in the source code script.

The hotkey versions have no minimize button you are suppose to use the hotkey to show/hide the gui The taskbar version does have a minimize button and also a taskbar icon unlike the hotkey version

Tooltips on a right click, click again to remove it (or wait 10 seconds).

Bolt have 5 options:

  • Create automation clip from last touched parameter
  • Link last touched parameter to controller
  • Edit last touched parameter
  • Copy value last touched parameter
  • Paste value last touched parameter

Download Release Page (include source)

Pastebin of the edit from the video Note that some edits where made after the video as noted in the paste.

The old versions can stil be found here

FL Mapping Formulas 1.29 (note the help has links to videos no longer there will be fixed in v1.30)

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