WILL FACEBOOK DIE? Or it will become the NEXT AMAZON?

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Is Facebook dying, will it die soon? Well, this is a really interesting question especially now that Facebook has released the earnings, and we can actually analyze if Facebook is about to end, or if it still has big chance to grow!!

As you saw from the title, I strongly believe that Facebook has the potential to become the next Amazon, in term of growth in the Stock Market of course.

Even though the earnings and the Active Users are strongly increasing, the Income is, of course, going down due to the legal expenses they had to go through... and also if we make a little Facebook Stock Analysis, we can see that the market took that news quite negatively...

But nonetheless, I see great potential for this company, especially because they are expanding in other sectors (the virtual reality with the Oculus, and the Financials with Libra). We will see, but for now, I'm strongly positive!

But hey, if we are just meeting: it's Dario, and this is Divity Trading, a platform where we can share our best tips and tools when it comes to trading, investing or finance in general.

... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2O3zsgkMpo

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