20110625 The Human Soul - Sexual Attraction S1P2

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20110625 The Human Soul - Sexual Attraction Session 1 Part 2 (Athens Greece) Jesus and Mary talk to an audience in Greece about sexual attraction. Session 1 Part 2 of a 3 part discussion.

The Human Soul Series http://www.divinetruth.com

This talk by Jesus & Mary shines some light on sexual attractions in the world today and also tells us how it would be in a perfect state. Jesus and Mary go into details of some of the taboo sexual practices, effect on soul progression.

Topics discussed are as follows: Shame & Sex Barter & Sex Start a discussion about sex Pure sexual attraction for a soul mate Sexual taboos Homosexuality Oral sex Celibacy S&M / Bondage Do not condemn the desire
Pedophilia & Law of attraction of a child Witnessing child abuse & Taking action Spirits & Child abuse Parents emotion projection toward their children Demand and Barter effect on sexual desire
Blaming children Book recommendations

Uploaded and shared on LBRY with the general permission from the Divine Truth organization to share their material freely.

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(I am not in any official collaboration with DT (other than translating their material into Swedish), but simply want to help make their material available to more people, as I find it immensely helpful for my own soul progression in becoming a more loving person.)