20110625 The Human Soul - Sexual Attraction S1P1

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20110625 The Human Soul - Sexual Attraction Session 1 Part 1 (Athens Greece) Jesus and Mary talk to an audience in Greece about sexual attraction. Session 1 Part 1 of a 3 part discussion.

The Human Soul Series http://www.divinetruth.com

This talk by Jesus & Mary shines some light on sexual attractions in the world today and also tells us how it would be in a perfect state.

Topics discussed are as follows:

Basics about a soul & Soul attractions Soul location and state before first incarnation Soulmate awareness Gaining awareness for reincarnated soul Trauma of reincarnation vs incarnation
Other 14 who have returned Sexual attraction Soul is aware of it's other half Sexual attraction from God's perspective Your true personality is what attracts your soulmate Sexual feelings and chakra openings How attraction works
Sexual confusion
Impediments to desire Ways to access anger toward opposite sex Spirits influence effecting attraction of a partner Ideal partner vs Soulmate Sex life can blossom and be beautiful Soulmate will feel our injuries more intensely Explore lovingly Seeking perfection

Uploaded and shared on LBRY with the general permission from the Divine Truth organization to share their material freely.

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