20110623 Spirit Relationships - Interactions With Spirits & Relationships P2

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20110623 Spirit Relationships - Interactions With Spirits & Relationships Part 2 (Athens Greece) Jesus and Mary have a discussion outside a private home with a group of people regarding spirits and interactions with spirits. Part 2 of a 2 part discussion.

Spirit Relationships Series http://www.divinetruth.com

Mediumship and Q&A session with Jesus and Mary. Topics discussed:

Spirits asking about a Soul Spiritual healing from natural love spirits Surrender to your fear and stay in your body Longing for God question
Living in anger vs being aware of anger within Oppressive fathers & impact on female spirits

Uploaded and shared on LBRY with the general permission from the Divine Truth organization to share their material freely.

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(I am not in any official collaboration with DT (other than translating their material into Swedish), but simply want to help make their material available to more people, as I find it immensely helpful for my own soul progression in becoming a more loving person.)