20110619 The Human Soul - Developing A Desire For Truth

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20110619 The Human Soul - Developing A Desire For Truth (Athens Greece) Jesus discusses with the audience in Greece the need for our soul to develop a pure and sincere desire for Truth in order for the soul to progress infinitely.

The Human Soul Series http://www.divinetruth.com

Jesus discusses topics as follows:

Fear rejects truth ! Current economic situation Environmental position of the earth What can we do Logic plus feelings & Choosing a safe location Continent movement & Super volcanoes Whats coming up in the near future Sun is a major cause of our weather We don't want to know the truth Retribution Fear is our major problem Fear is just another emotion Truth about fear Co-dependency The Truth will set you free Feeling Truth & Action Information vs Truthful information Earth changes & Choices and decisions Responsibility with knowledge Spirits & Fear Emotional processing Mind vs Soul & Enlightenment Desire to be over-cloaked

Uploaded and shared on LBRY with the general permission from the Divine Truth organization to share their material freely.

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