Taito's Ninja Saviors Release Date Confirmed

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New XXL trailer for THE NINJA SAVIORS - Return of the Warriors. Release dates confirmed for Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 launch.  ININ Games, publishing label of United Games GmbH, today released a new extra-large trailer for THE NINJA SAVIORS - Return of the Warriors and confirmed the launch dates for Europe and North America.

The highly anticipated sequel to the arcade hit will be released in Europe on August 30, and in North America on October 15 on Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4. The game was originally planned to be released simultaneously in both markets. The reason for the short-term postponement in North America are unforeseen logistical challenges, which could not be solved in time despite intensive efforts. ININ would like to apologize formally to the many fans who are already eagerly waiting to play this masterpiece. As small compensation for a longer wait time, the physical release will contain some extra items that will be revealed later. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCXZuW2eAMc

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