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This week Triumph announced their 2018 Speedmaster, a significantly updated bike based on the new liquid cooled Bonneville platform.

Sharing much of it’s DNA with the Triumph Bobber the Speedmaster offers and I quote “Authentic ‘British custom’ attitude and laid back style” quote on screen. What this means is evident in the pictures, harking back to the American market Triumph Bonnevilles of old yet as with all other modern Triumph retros it’s been brought right up to date. The 2018 Speedmaster features the latest generation ABS, switchable traction control, torque-assist clutch a full LED headlight and one button cruise control.

Triumph say it’s been built with customisation in mind with over 130 accessories available including touring kits, stripped-back kits and kits that make it go a little more noise.

The Triumph Bobber was a big success for the firm but it was limited in its appeal with many test riders not enjoying the more extreme ergonomics and ride. The new Speedmaster looks like it will address those concerns and open this style of bike to a wider audience.

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