Dumaguete Resorts

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Wonderful prices and an extremely heedful staff will be found at this Dumaguete dive resort. Most Filipino Dumaguete Resorts in the same category as Aqua-Landia Dauin Resort will easily cost you two times as much. Our diving location is able to keep prices reasonably priced without sacrificing quality of just about any sort, because of the way typically the resort was designed also in the manner this dive location is managed.

If you're expecting some great diving, snorkeling, swimming, or ATV riding, you've only found your place. With excellent prices, delicious food and a steady flow of all types of refreshments, you won't be disappointed. We are very confident your stay at Aqua-Landia Dauin Resort will gain another five star rating of your mouth. Hope to see you real rapidly. If you are up for a Philippines scuba diving adventure, you may also want to watch this video about Dumaguete Resorts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fck7vPoWuhY

Year after year, a vast amount of divers choose to vacation in the Dumaguete City area. Dumaguete is positioned in the Philippine Islands. Typically the Filipino island of Negros Oriental is one of the most popular year-around dive vacation destinations on the globe. If you are interested in diving from the Dumaguete City area, you may well be wondering what fun and exciting pursuits await you. Most technical scuba divers have time when they normally are not diving to go on excursions, or maybe go out for dinner and to some sort of club at night. Not to worry, our staff will be at the ready to assist you in whatever manner you choose.

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