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Ahoy Captn's,

Do ye want to learn 'ow to talk like a gentleman o' fortune? I love creatin' movin' picutres on Talk like a Pirate Day, an' when I been doin' me research, I came across the Pirate Dictionary. I ordered this here book an' it be a 'istory book o' all o' the different phrases an' sayin' that there a gentleman o' fortune would use, an' it gives the 'istory an' meanin' behind each phrase.

Pirate talk be really fun an' if ye did nay know, september 19 be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. There be many movin' pictures o' 'ow to speak like a Pirate on youtube.

What I really like about this here book be that there it gives ye all o' the Pirate talk phrases so that there ye can really 'ave a grasp on the meanin' o' what exactly ye be sayin' an' why ye be sayin' it when ye be blabberin' on like a pirate.

what be yer favorite Pirate phrase? Let me know in the writin's below!

Tis 'ere be me authentic, unedited review o' the loot, the Pirate Dictionary by Terry Breverton. If ye like me review movin' pictures, consider subscribing to join me crew, an' let me know in the writin's what ye want this here Captn' to review next.

Captn' Out!

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