HEALTHY MATCHA SMOOTHIE | Your Superfoods Power Matcha Taste Test & Review

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HEALTHY MATCHA SMOOTHIE | Your Superfoods Power Matcha Taste Test & Review: (Use offer code DADREVIEWS & save 15% off) Participate in Giveaways: Sign Up for Dad Reviews Newsletter: Power Matcha Superfood Powder on Amazon:

Hey Dads,

Are you looking for a beauty smoothie recipes for the best smoothie with superfood powder? Your Superfoods sent me a box of some of their Superfood powders and in this video I am making a matcha smoothie using their Power Matcha Superfood powder and I give my taste test and review of this superfood powder to see if it makes a healthy matcha smoothie that tastes good!

YourSuper has a nice range of superfood powders that I'm excited to do a taste test video of. Do you have a favorite superfood powder? Let me know in the comments below!

Here are all of the Superfood powders from YourSuper that you can choose from. If you buy, use discount code DADREVIEWS to save 15% on your order at!

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Skinny Protein Powder - 100% Plant Based Smoothie with Hemp and Pea Protein & Green superfoods for Digestion and Muscle Recovery. Supports Weight Loss Management: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Super Green - The Immunity Superfood Support Mix - High in Essential Vitamins and Minerals Promoting detoxification. Immune System Support Smoothie: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Forever Beautiful - Acai Berry w Chia Seeds Superfood Anti-Aging Supplement Vitamin A C & E Smoothie Mix - For Hair Skin Nails - High in Antioxidants Repairs Cell Damage: |

Your Super Foods Organic Muscle Power Protein Mix - 100% Vegan - Pea and Rice Protein Powder for Muscle Recovery and Development - Increases Energy: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Power Matcha - Green Tea Energy Superfood Mix - High In Antioxidants and Natural Caffeine - Energy Boosting Smoothy while Improving Focus: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Energy Superfood Mix - Healthy Coffee Alternative with Guarana and Acai - Energy Boosting Smoothie & enhances Athletic Performance While Promoting Focus: |

Your Super Foods Chocolate Lover Superfood Mix - Vegan, Organic - with Raw Cacao, Carob, Chia, Coconut and Lucuma: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Green Super Food Mixes - 7 Different ...

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