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Hey Dads,

I recently got a Yimby Tumbler Composter because we have a compost pile in our backyard, but it's a lot of work to turn the compost. With a tumbling composter, it makes the work so much easier, and it speeds up the composting process.

I believe that this is a great starter composter for someone who is new to composting. The reason why it's a good starter one is because the downside that I have for this composter is that it's small. There is another one from Lifetime (linked above) that holds 80 gallons of compost, and I think that this one holds about half that.

If you really want to get crazy with your composter, Joraform makes a composter that is all metal, and has a ship's wheel style of handle on it so that you can turn the compost drum easier. It's also insulated with styrofoam so that it keep more of the heat in and really speeds up the composting.

For me, since this was my first tumbling composter, I decided to go with a small one to get my feet wet with it, and if I like it I can upgrade to the Lifetime Composter or Joraform Composter.

Do you compost? Do you know what compost is? Let me know in the comments.

This is my authentic, unedited review of the Yimby Tumbler Composter that my mom got for me for my birthday. If you like my review videos, consider subscribing, and let me know in the comments what you want this dad to review next.

Dad Out!

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