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Hey Dads,

Evolike sent me their Microfiber Towel set to do an unboxing or unbagging, first look video of their microfiber towel set. I was really impressed by how large the microfiber towel is, and I really like the pocket that they built into the towel. Such a great idea for going to the beach or camping.

I also like how they added a snap button to it so that you can easily find a place to dry it. When I folded it up, I was able to fit it into my jean's pocket.

They also give you an electronics cleaning cloth in this set, and another smaller microfiber towel. I'll be sure to give a more in depth review after I've had a chance to use it, so click the subscribe button to see that video.

This is my authentic, unedited review of the Evolike Microfiber Towel Set. If you like my review videos, consider subscribing, and let me know in the comments what you want this dad to review next.

Dad Out!

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