BEST ENERGY SMOOTHIE? | Your SuperFoods Energy Bomb Taste Test & Review

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BEST ENERGY SMOOTHIE? | Your SuperFoods Energy Bomb Taste Test & Review - USE DISCOUNT CODE: DADREVIEWS to get 15% off! Participate in Giveaways: Sign Up for Dad Reviews Newsletter: YourSuper on Amazon:

Hey Dads,

Are you looking for the best energy smoothie? Your SuperFoods send me a box of some of their Superfood powders and in this video I do a taste test and review of their Energy Bomb Powder in this energy smoothie recipe that comes with the superfood powders.

Thank you to for sponsoring this video. YourSuper has a nice range of superfood powders that I'm excited to do a taste test video of. Do you have a favorite superfood powder? Let me know in the comments below!

Ninja Blender I use:

Almond Butter:

Quaker Oats:

Here are all of the Superfood powders from YourSuper that you can choose from. If you buy, use discount code DADREVIEWS to save 15% on your order at!

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Skinny Protein Powder - 100% Plant Based Smoothie with Hemp and Pea Protein & Green superfoods for Digestion and Muscle Recovery. Supports Weight Loss Management: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Super Green - The Immunity Superfood Support Mix - High in Essential Vitamins and Minerals Promoting detoxification. Immune System Support Smoothie: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Forever Beautiful - Acai Berry w Chia Seeds Superfood Anti-Aging Supplement Vitamin A C & E Smoothie Mix - For Hair Skin Nails - High in Antioxidants Repairs Cell Damage: |

Your Super Foods Organic Muscle Power Protein Mix - 100% Vegan - Pea and Rice Protein Powder for Muscle Recovery and Development - Increases Energy: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Power Matcha - Green Tea Energy Superfood Mix - High In Antioxidants and Natural Caffeine - Energy Boosting Smoothy while Improving Focus: |

Your Super Foods Organic Vegan Energy Superfood Mix - Healthy Coffee Alternative with Guarana and Acai - Energy Boosting Smoothie & enhances Athletic Performance While Promoting Focus: |

Your Super Foods Chocolate Lover Superfood Mix - Vegan, Organic - with Raw Cacao, Carob, Chia, Coconut and Lucuma: |

Your Super Foods Organic ...

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