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Hey Dads,

My wife and I used regular throw away diapers for a few months with our kids, but then we realized the cost savings of using cloth diapers, and we bought these online. They served us well for our two kids.

At first, I thought that cloth diapers would be a terrible idea because you have to clean them with poop in them, and I just didn't have an experience with them, but after using them, I would 100% use them again if we had another kid.

They are a little more trouble because you do have to do the laundry more often, but with the laundry bag that you can get, it makes the laundry super easy. Just unzip the bag and shove it all in the washer.

This is my authentic, unedited review of the FuzziBunz One Size Cloth Diapers that we used on our kids. If you like my review videos, consider subscribing, and let me know in the comments what you want this dad to review next.

Have you ever used cloth diapers before?

Dad Out!

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