Why don't we see the moon during a solar eclipse? #FlatEarth

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Heliocentric believers are told that the sun lights up the moon and the reason we can not see it during its "NEW" phase is because the sun is lighting up the back side of the moon and the side that is facing us is dark. They are also told that the light we see when the side of the moon that faces us is illuminated is reflected sunlight. On a full moon night the light coming from the moon is so bright that you can read by it and it can cast shadows on the ground that you can clearly see. If this is true they can't claim that the moon would be invisible with all lenses and telescopes during its new phase because if the "moon shine" from a dirty dusty gray ball can cast light strong enough to cast shadows on earth then during a "full earth" from the moons point of view, we would have "earth shine" far greater since the earth is much larger and reflective with all its oceans and it would light up the moon far more than the moon lights up the earth. Maybe the position of the source sun does "energize" the moon electrically to illuminate and ASLO the moon projects its image onto the screen of the sky which is what we see. This also explains why the moon seems transparent in the sky. It is the lesser light and we can see through it in some conditions. The sun is the greater light and is too bright for us to see through. As far as KETU and RAHU, I have see no evidence of them other than ancient writings which I do not discount. KETU and RAHU also can be eclipsing the sun in the same manner blocking its projection onto the sky. ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjGN6uQrcg4

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