This is a Kibiminx.

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

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05/17/2017 UPDATE: As it turns out, I somehow missed Muzik Bike's comment in my comment thread on JRCuber's video ( who came up with the same idea months before I did. Although I did come up with this idea independently (as far as I'm aware; it's always possible that I somehow subconsciously kept his comment in mind when coming up with it), I'd like to give credit to Muzik Bike for coming up with it first! :)

Note: Adam Vetser (TheRubiksCubed) recommended that I give this naming scheme some kind of name so it can be referred to without always having to explain what it is every time. Therefore, I'd like to call it the "Minx Binary Naming Convention," or "MBNC" if you prefer.

Sources: Binary prefix information: Speedsolving thread where it started:


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