Checking to see if has your asset locally...

So yeah, this is my way of saying I don't have an Instagram. :P

A message to those who have impersonated others before: it's really not cool. Even though in this case, the person wasn't doing any harm, it's still misleading and annoying to deal with. Please, if you want fame/attention, make your own account with your own name. It'll be way better in the long run, believe me. :)

That being said, I hope this doesn't make me come across like a jerk or anything; I'm not actually mad at the people who make these accounts (although that's not to say others wouldn't be). To be honest, I wrote these lyrics just for fun and just couldn't resist uploading them. :P

Music: Free Rap Instrumental - Get Lost played at 1.5 times speed (is it just me, or does the "SKBTZ" in the URL look like it says "sick beatz")

Lyrics: So I logged onto my Google Hangouts last week, ...

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