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Checking to see if Spee.ch has your asset locally...

Thanks so much to thecubicle.us for letting me test this new Pyraminx! So far it's just okay, although it could be better with enough setting up. Stay tuned for the review!

Buy it here: http://thecubicle.us/qiyi-pyraminx-p-4800.html

Also, a story that I posted on the Speedsolving forum: I was sitting outside on my porch waiting eagerly for my QiYi Pyraminx to arrive, which would make me one of the first people to have it and put it on YouTube. The mail truck was on the other side of the street, and I was super excited because that means it's gonna be at my house soon! And yes, I had checked the tracking online already, and yes, it was out for delivery today. The mail truck came to my side of the street. Now was the time for me to retrieve the precious puzzle. I walked cautiously to the mailbox so I looked relatively normal to anyone watching me. I then opened the sacred box and found nothing but 3 letters addressed to my parents. Thanks a lot, mail. But THEN I found a solution! I should chase down the mailman just like an angry dog! So that is actually what I did. I went all around the neighborhood, but was not able to find the elusive white truck. After that nice afternoon run, I called the local post office, gave them my tracking number and waited on hold for five minutes. Apparently, the mailman forgot my package and it'll come tomorrow. I am very impatient, so this is not good at all.

*Note that I have since picked this puzzle up at the post office. All's well that ends well, I guess. Also note that this is not thecubicle's fault at all; it's just my local USPS being weird.

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