My Most Awkward Moments | NCSOCS 11

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

I can be very awkward at times. On the bright side, it makes a good topic for a video. :P

Check out Jaiden Animations (although you probably already have, lol):

NCSOCS playlist:

Cube: CubeDepot Rocket YuXin Blue 4x4 M Method: U2/r2/OP

Glad I got another 4BLD success on camera. PB is 9:16.07, but this one definitely could've been a lot better if I didn't have the ~90 second pause. The pause happened because I realized midway through my center memo that the word "son" (SN) was definitely incorrect, as I had already shot to the S target and didn't have any cycle breaks. I ended up retracing my memo blindfolded, when I realized the word was actually "kid" (KD). I guess I subconsciously gave the kid an arbitrary gender and made him a son, lol. ...

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