MAGNETIC CLOCK Unboxing from Jhahoua!

Checking to see if has your asset locally...

This clock is insanely good. Check out Jhahoua:

For reference, as of this upload, Josh is not selling these Clocks. Since he's still working on perfecting his technique, he's giving them away at this point. He stated that he pretty much only gives them to people he's met at competitions (and that he already has a list of people he's giving his next few Clocks to), so just keep that in mind if you're considering asking for one. If you can't get one from him, there are plenty of people selling magnetic Clocks online, so I'd recommend doing some research and finding someone who generally gets good reviews on their Clocks. If you can get a good one, it's definitely worth it. :)

(Sorry that it's kinda hard to get your hands on one of these... that's the problem when no companies mass produce them.)

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